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Vancouer Island
Lower Mainland
Thompson Okanagan
Northern BC

British Columbia (BC) can have some hairy terrain that is not always fit for handcycling. Not only that, but a huge portion of it is mountainous wild lands. With this being said, we need your help in finding appropriate routes for handcyclists. Have a route to contribute? Send us an email.

Some suggestions to map your ride out:
Any other suggestions? Please send us an email.

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Here is where we want you to share with us your iframe/embed code. This allows us to show your map on our site. Most map programs have a way to share your ride with this bit of code. If your having a hard time with figuring out how to do that, just tell us so in this box and we’ll get back to you and give you a hand!

Any other details about the ride you want to share? Interesting sight seeing areas, maybe a roadside cafe, or whether we should carry bear spray..that kinda thing 😉