our service model

Call us: 1-800-363-0025

  • Efficency

We work at delivering your orders to you quickly and accurately. This is part-and-parcel related to our understanding of your condition.

  • discretion

We send either plain or unrelated marked boxes to ensure your discretion. No boxes that say “Diapers for Jim Smith” on them!

  • understanding

Empathy and a true understanding can be hard to come by. Don’t feel embarrassed about bladder or continence issues – we’ve been there!

  • knowledge

The medical supply field is rapidly changing and help in navigating the many options available is essential. We also provide ideas on techniques or strategies to help you manage your personal routine.

  • resources

We have a strong knowledge of local resources such as the education sessions at GF Strong, SCI-BC, BCWCS, or The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation, and much more. Our calendar can also help.

  • disabled

The entire staff either has an understanding or has direct experience with complex care needs. It also helps us in relating to similar conditions such as Spina-Bifida, MS, and people who have had a stroke.

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