Steve Milum - President

Steve had his stint in the corporate world as a Logistical Co-ordinator working for Ault Foods before it was purchased by Nestle Canada. However, he never felt quite right as a "company man", so he decided to step out of the corporate world into the independent and hectic world of a small business owner. After bladder surgery Steve began to realize that there was a gap in the marketplace for a specialized medical supply company so Chair Stuff Sales Ltd. was born in 2001. Since that time, Steve has developed a highly regarded reputation as a knowledgeable individual in the complex care needs of individuals needing medical supplies for their daily routines. Steve works closely with GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and gives regular talks about bowel and bladder issues. Steve Milum has had a C6-7 spinal cord injury since 1987 after having a diving accident in Ontario. Steve did his rehab at Lyndhurst in Toronto before coming to Vancouver in 1991. Steve is also a fan of cycling. In his youth, Steve had such a passion for wheelchair racing that he helped form the association that developed the WC Race Series in 1995. Steve stayed on board until 2003, through its transfer into a non-profit in 2000. Now, as he is a bit older, Steve is at it again and is presently helping to develop the Handcycle Club BC. Steve has done a number of recreational handcycling trips to Europe and regularly goes on rides in the riding season in and around Vancouver. Steve is married to a loving wife and they have two children, one who is off to university in 2016. The family loves traveling as much as time and money will let them.

Duncan Campbell -Sales Consultant

Duncan is the Sales Manager at Chair Stuff. He's a well known character in the the sports, rehabilitation, and community in general. We're lucky to have this cat, so let's get to his scratching post now... To those in the disability community, Duncan Campbell does not need an introduction. “The Quadfather” is one of the originators of quad rugby and his work in rehab and sports has impacted countless numbers of people. In 2015 he was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame and he has been awarded The Paralympic Order – the highest tribute a person connected with the Paralympic Movement can achieve. He currently works as the National Coordinator for the Bridging The Gap Program. Duncan earned a BA in Psychology from the U. of Manitoba and a BA in Rec. Administration from the U. of Alberta. He has worked as a Recreation Therapist at the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver since 1991, where he has introduced countless numbers of Canadians to wheelchair sports and given them the motivation and inspiration they need to succeed in life and in sport. Duncan is part of the tradition of successful rehabilitation that was brought to the disabled world courtesy of many notable individuals, including Dr. Ludwig Guttman, the founder of the Paralympic Games. Duncan proudly is a product and torch barer for this tradition of humanizing spinal cord rehabilitation through sport and successful reintegration into life. Duncan is also the National Director of Development for Wheelchair Rugby in Canada, and is a Board member and Chairman of the Development Committee for the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation. He also continues to play wheelchair rugby, ride his handcycle, and play tennis or racquetball when he can.

Danny Sloan - Online Specialist

Danny is rejoining the Chair Stuff Team as an Online Specialist in May 2016 after having split duties between that position and as a Logistical Co-ordinator since 2014. The focus of his work is website maintenance and the world of social media. Regarding the world of medical supplies, Danny can appreciate the complexities that can be faced in finding the right solutions. For help in that regard he offers the following words: "Talk not only to health care professionals, but also with your peers. It's the good mix found between these two areas that I think good solutions can be found". At words for the newly injured: "Trust me, it will get better. This stuff can be overwhelming at first, but it will most definitely get better as you learn more about yourself, the system, and the always changing world of the medical supply industry". Danny's hobbies include playing guitar and singing songs, chess, reading, and spending time with his wife (but not in that order!). Danny does his online work through Digability Online Services, a one-stop shop for all of one's online needs including website building/maintenance, hosting, computer repair, social media, newsletter writing, and oh-so-much-more!