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We specialize in what you want. We work with a wider variety of companies to give you the widest variety of bowel, catheters, and incontinence products possible, and we’re always trying out new products!

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Intermittent Catheters

Types: Non-Coated (add lubricant), Coated (hydrophilic), Straight Tip, Coude/Tiemann Tip, Soft, Red Rubber, Closed (all-in-one).

External/Condom Catheters

Types: Silicone, Latex, Strong Adhesive, Molded-Latex, Texas-style.

Foley Catheters

Types: Please contact us directly and we can discuss different products to simplify your need.

Night and Leg Drainage Bags

Types: Latex and non-Latex available in a variety of sizes/types: thigh or calf mounted, sport, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, and even complete drainage systems.

Bowel Products

Types: Bowel Irrigation System, Suppositories (Bisacodyl, Glycerin), Laxatives.


Additional Products and Accessories

Don’t see what you need? Get in touch and we can discuss different products and accessories to simplify your need..

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Through our supply chain, we have access to almost anything you could think of in the world for your bladder and bowel supply needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call or shoot us an email or check out our partner websites.